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Private dog care experiences curated for each client and their furry family member

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An Experienced and Trustworthy
dog care Company

Welcome to Walk with Nia! We LOVE dogs!

 Our company has been caring for them through walks, drop-ins and sittings for 10 years.

We only accept clients that own small and medium sized pups and they must be vaccinated.

Our walking rates are $35 for 30 minutes and $60 for 1 hour. We offer discounts for frequent bookings.

Pet sitting and drop-in rates are variable as they are completely customizable and based on length of stay. Please contact us for a quote.


We are located in New York City (NYC) and we primarily service mid to lower Manhattan and west Brooklyn. We also travel outside of this radius to other areas of NYC located within Manhattan and Brooklyn on a case-by-case basis.

Our pet care professionals collaborate with each client to develop an unforgettable, customized experience that best suits their pup according to breed, interests and behaviorisms. 

 Our drop-in, sitting and walking services are private, which is the most premium level of pup care. This means we do not walk more than one dog at the same time (which is frequently referred to as a "solo walk"). This also means we do not drop-in or sit dogs together that are from different households.

We specialize in private care because we believe having the full attention of our providers best ensures a positive and safe experience for your dog.

In order to put all clients at ease and entrust the company with care, we retain $1 million dollars in general liability insurance and all of our providers are formally trained in both canine first aid and CPR.

Kindly note that Walk with Nia provides exclusive services as intake is based on compatibility established during the free "Meet and Greet" precursor to accessing pup care. Accordingly, public booking is not available (please follow this link to the "Booking" section for information on how to do so and what the process entails).


Providers only accept Zelle or cash, and can assist with setting up Zelle payments if needed. Providers must be paid before their booking begins. If desired, you may pay half of your bill before and the other half after services are rendered. In order to be environmentally conscious, your itemized invoice will be provided digitally through text message. If preferred, it can be sent via e-mail as a .pdf digital document. 

Multiple references happily provided upon request, some of which you can explore by following this link to the "Reviews" section of the menu.


Thank you so much for stopping by and please say hello to your doggies for us! ;-)

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